E90 – From $15k/mth to $100k/month in 90 Days w/ Instagram (Josue Pena)

E90 – From $15k/mth to $100k/month in 90 Days w/ Instagram (Josue Pena)

With Josue Pena

Josue Pena the founder of Online CEO’s and an Instagram growth hacking expert and influencer with over 5 million followers. He is also 2 comma ClickFunnels member.

During the interview we discuss:

– Two of the biggest reasons why he was able to go from $200k to $1.2 million in less than 90 days.

– He shares why and how surrounding yourself with the right people is one of the keys to growth.

– Josue talks about the importance of building a team and how that has impacted his growth.

– Then Josue shares his favorite strategy for getting new agency clients w/ no paid ads.

– We talk about the biggest lesson he learned in growing from $15k-$20k per month to over $100k per month.

– PLUS a whole lot more.

– Related episode: Check out E17 where I also interviewed Josue about how he hacked Instagram to get over 4.5 million followers.

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E90 – From $15k/mth to $100k/month in 90 Days w/ Instagram (Josue Pena)

Josue Pena

Online Ceo's

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