E258 – How Push Notifications Can 10X Your Results Over Email

E258 – How Push Notifications Can 10X Your Results Over Email

With Ravi Trivedi

Ravi Trivedi is the Founder of Push Engage which is a browser notification platform with customers in over 150 countries, his customers include Mattel, 1-800 Flowers and the list goes on. They deliver over 5 BILLION notifications per month! and he’s also the founder of CouponRani.

During this interview we discuss:

2:13 – How and why he started Push Engage

4:31 – Their #1 strategy for getting customers

7:25 – He shares exactly how push notification can 10X your results compared to email marketing.

12:47 – We talked about the stats of Push Notifications vs. Emails

14:37 – He shares a client success story around lead generation when using push notifications.

16:52 – How to decrease your form abandonment percentage?

19:16 – How cart abandonment works and how you can use push notification to retarget them.

21:25 – What are other segmenting strategies work well with push notification.

23:16 – How does a drip campaign works w/ push notification.

25:18 – Two important tips when selecting a push notification vendor.

27:06 – Ravi shares his favorite growth tool/software.

27:35 – He recommended one of his favorite book to us.

PLUS a whole lot more!

Ravi’ Websites:

Questions? ravi@pushengage.com


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E258 – How Push Notifications Can 10X Your Results Over Email

Ravi Trivedi

Push Engage / CouponRani

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