E123 – How Biteable Grew to Over 4 Million Users w/ James MacGregor

E123 – How Biteable Grew to Over 4 Million Users w/ James MacGregor

With James MacGregor

James MacGregor is the CEO and co-founder of Biteable, an online video animation company that helps marketers around the globe create stunning, professional-quailty videos in just minutes. Since its founding in 2014, Biteable has grown its customer base to a staggering 4 million users, all ramping up their content marketing strategies and engaging their target audiences through eye catching
animated ads, explainer videos, and social media videos.

During our interview we discuss:

– James shares a very unique strategy that he used to launch Biteable.

– He shares a few of his business metrics including 4 million users and $5 million+ ARR.

– We discuss his core marketing strategy that they use to get new users.

– James shares his perspective on user/revenue churn when it comes two SaaS products. PLUS his best strategies for user retention.

– Then we discuss the core strategies that Biteable uses to add 4 million user as well as what’s working today.

– We talk about the power of “going deep” vs shallow when it comes to creating and leveraging content marketing.

– James talks about the power of brand queries/searches via Google.

– He shares what he considers to be the biggest mistake marketers are making when it comes to being successful with video.

– James shares his favorite growth tool/software.

– Then he shares a book he recommends to the audience.

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E123 – How Biteable Grew to Over 4 Million Users w/ James MacGregor

James MacGregor


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