E153 – How to STOP Blogging Like an Idiot and Start Making Money with Alex Nerney

E153 – How to STOP Blogging Like an Idiot and Start Making Money with Alex Nerney

With Alex Nerney

Alex Nerney is a ground-breaking blogger and the epitome of what it means to be a business growth expert. He and his partner Lauren first started blogging years ago, when he was a personal trainer and she was an accountant. But what began as a side hustle quickly evolved into a full-time blog earning over $100,000 in its first year. Alex and Lauren quit their 9-5s, sold almost everything they owned, and went all-in.

Then in 2017, Alex and Lauren founded Create and Go, an online blog that teaches others how to make money blogging. Thanks to their effective business growth strategies, they are now making over $100,000 per month. Alex and Lauren have taken their business, and their life, to the next level! They have reached the milestones of financial independence and location independence – they are truly on FIRE.

During our interview we discuss:

– How and why Alex got started as an entrepreneur and later a blogger.

– Alex breaks down his revenue sources totaling over $100k per month.

– He shares the most important steps you need to follow in order to build a 7 figure blog.

– We talk about the various stages of the journey the buyer is at.

– Alex shares how to find the right keywords based upon they buying stage the person is in.

– We talk about some of the top keyword paid and free keyword research tools.

– Why its important to analyze your competition on google to help decide which keywords to try to rank and compete for.

– Alex talks about how to write content that google is more likely to rank.

– We talk about the importance of using your blog to take your visitors on a journey by answering their question and then directing them to the next question/answer.

– He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

– Alex shares and recommends one of his favorite books.

Alex’s website:


Free Blog Training on Youtube

Honest Bloggers Facebook Group


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E153 – How to STOP Blogging Like an Idiot and Start Making Money with Alex Nerney

Alex Nerney


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